A project in progress.

11.08.2015 proof on paper

small circles


These are etching proofs for a book I am working on for February 2016. I was invited by Esther White to participate in a show at the Historic Northampton Museum. The show is based around the Henrietta Lambie Crazy Quilt in the museum’s collection.

I am printing on fabric and making a soft book. It will be a mix of etching and digital prints with stitching and pieces of fabric I have been saving. Sounds like a hot mess, but I think it will work.

At first it is hard to tell that the quilt is a mourning quilt. It is a pretty straight forward looking crazy quilt. But looking closer there are little hints peppered throughout the quilt that speak in the language of Victorian mourning. Henrietta Lambie lost two of her daughters in the year she made this quilt. She had started the quilt as a memorial to 5 year old Ethel who passed away in April of 1884. Then before the quilt was finished 2 year old Emily died in August.





I visited the family’s grave plot in September. They are buried in Main Street Cemetery.

This has been a strange project to have started during the first year of my own daughter’s life.