In Kind


If you have old bed sheets, curtains, or button down shirts you don’t need anymore and are willing to donate to me for a project I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me to make arrangements at angela.zammarelli(at) or in the comment section bellow.


Also if you are unable to buy a piece of art from me at this time but would like to support me on this endeavor….. how about a small braided rug drawing? Contact me and name your price. Thanks!




I am really good at misplacing objects and words.

06.02.2015 working on Ghostmaker’s Habitat (awaiting)


06.03.2015 moving part of Ghostmaker’s Habitat (awaiting)

06.16.2015 for the babe

06.25.2015 exercising

06.25.2015 not so sticky/fresh washed floor with dirty piggies.

06.26.2015 berries from the bushes where we live/it is a start



06.26.2015 maybe some things will grow this year in the garden

05.15.2015 for sweet TMHB, enjoy your tummy time and Moomin comics.

Sugar Snow, Snowman or AZ/DC




Please come this Saturday to the opening of Sugar Snow, Snowman.  It is the culmination of a year of Thursday meetings between David and me.

Sugar Snow, Snowman

A year of collaboration between David Coderre and Angela Zammarelli.

Opening Reception November 9th, 2013 as part of Easthampton Art Walk

Gallery 1, 1 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA


Easthampton, MA – The Grape Ape, several snowman, and Santa Claus will all be present atSugar Snow, Snowman the conclusion to a year-long art exchange between David Coderre and Angela Zammarelli.  The two will be presenting collages, puppets, and paper dolls that they have created together during their Thursday morning studio time.

Riverside Arts Exchange provides an opportunity for collaborative works by people with and without developmental disabilities. These exchanges illustrate the powerful creative dialogue that emerges when individuals from diverse backgrounds come together as artists.

For more information on Riverside Arts Exchange please contact Denise Herzog at 413.527.2711 x146 or [email protected] or Halley Philips at [email protected]. Or visit us on the web