Unity of Opposites

From Zea Mays Printmaking’s website:

It all started with a quote (which will be revealed at the opening reception)

Two artists, one from Zea Mays Printmaking and another from the Peregrine Press (Portland, ME), created prints inspired by the quote. Once completed, the two prints were sent to another three artists from each of the organizing studios, those six prints to 19 other artists until 75 artists had responded to each other over the course of five months. Each new “generation” of artists made their original print inspired by anything from the previous generation’s pieces, be it a subject matter, mood, color, the quality of a line, or a combination of many aspects of the pieces.

The final 75 prints will be exhibited at the A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA. from October 4 – 30, 2016 with a reception on October 14, 5-8 PM and again at the Institute of Contemporary Art Gallery at Maine College of Art in Portland, ME. from February 1 – March 4, 2017 with a reception on February 3, 5-8 PM.

10.09.201610.09.2016 studio at The Studios at MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA

10.09.201610.09.2016 Hoosac Tunnel

10.08.201610.08.2016 Always stuffing stuff that can be stuffed.




I started my 2 week residency at The Studios at MASS MoCA last Friday.

In Kind


If you have old bed sheets, curtains, or button down shirts you don’t need anymore and are willing to donate to me for a project I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me to make arrangements at angela.zammarelli(at)gmail.com or in the comment section bellow.


Also if you are unable to buy a piece of art from me at this time but would like to support me on this endeavor….. how about a small braided rug drawing? Contact me and name your price. Thanks!




Silent Auction

whole cloth and not so whole cloth

02.14.2016 Should I make another Kate Bush/Wuthering Heights joke about how co-o-o-old it was? Nah.




02.14.2016 Keeping Busy catalog by Esther White and designed by Trevor Powers

Below is the list and links of artists in the show besides myself. Are you around Western, MA? This show is really pretty thoughtful and the work is solid, if I do say so myself. Please make a stop in Northampton and go on in the Historic Northampton to check it out.

Ooo and Marie from the museum pulled out ephemera relating to the Lambie family from the archives. This is displayed in a little cabinet before one enters the gallery.


Anna Slezak

Annie Sollinger

Kat Howard

Lucy Tainor