05.29.2016 May 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28

On March 19th, 2016 I began to do a small daily exercise. I take a tablespoon of salt dough and make a sculpture. I am making a calendar. It will end next year on March 18th, 2017.

I have been making salt dough for my toddler. I have been making salt dough for myself.

can’t win ’em all

01.23.2016 Meant to make yogurt ended up with a light cheese.






A gentle reminder that Take A Seat! opens this Wednesday January 27, 5-7 PM.

Take A Seat!

University Museum of Contemporary Art

UMASS Amherst

January 28 – February 28, 2016

Opening Reception – January 27, 5-7 PM

Fundraising Party and Silent Auction – February 28, 5-7:30 PM



A project in progress.

11.08.2015 proof on paper

small circles


These are etching proofs for a book I am working on for February 2016. I was invited by Esther White to participate in a show at the Historic Northampton Museum. The show is based around the Henrietta Lambie Crazy Quilt in the museum’s collection.

I am printing on fabric and making a soft book. It will be a mix of etching and digital prints with stitching and pieces of fabric I have been saving. Sounds like a hot mess, but I think it will work.

At first it is hard to tell that the quilt is a mourning quilt. It is a pretty straight forward looking crazy quilt. But looking closer there are little hints peppered throughout the quilt that speak in the language of Victorian mourning. Henrietta Lambie lost two of her daughters in the year she made this quilt. She had started the quilt as a memorial to 5 year old Ethel who passed away in April of 1884. Then before the quilt was finished 2 year old Emily died in August.





I visited the family’s grave plot in September. They are buried in Main Street Cemetery.

This has been a strange project to have started during the first year of my own daughter’s life.

Flora and Fauna for a Home (restraint)


Flora and Fauna for a Home (restraint)


The University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s UMCA (University Museum of Contemporary Art) has turned 40. Take A Seat! is and exhibition and silent auction of chairs modified by local artists and designers to benefit the museum and its programing.

“Flora and Fauna for a Home (restraint)” is the chair that I did. You can see it this month at the Northampton branch of the UMASS 5 College Credit Union. The show at UMCA is January 27 – February 28, 2016.





“A Homemaker’s Habitat”

I have three small piece’s in the A.P.E alumni show this December.


December 17 – January 4
Reception:  Friday, December 18:  5-8 pm
Curated by Kathy Couch

A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery
126 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 12-5
Friday: 12-8
Closed Monday

I am really good at misplacing objects and words.

06.02.2015 working on Ghostmaker’s Habitat (awaiting)


06.03.2015 moving part of Ghostmaker’s Habitat (awaiting)

06.16.2015 for the babe

06.25.2015 exercising

06.25.2015 not so sticky/fresh washed floor with dirty piggies.

06.26.2015 berries from the bushes where we live/it is a start



06.26.2015 maybe some things will grow this year in the garden

05.15.2015 for sweet TMHB, enjoy your tummy time and Moomin comics.

Gifts Galore


04.28.2014 from BZ

04.29.2014 in my neighbor’s driveway

04.29.2014 at work with JV

04.29.2014 Big E’s

04.30.2014 flannel scrap butt wipes, all part of new nesting impulses

05.01.2014 plate prepping

05.03.2014 A World of Glass I could have stayed in there all day

05.04.2014 Window at Feeding Tube Records


I got to see the Nick Cave show at the ICA in Boston just before it closed, whew. The sound suits, as always, were amazing. I can’t believe how tall some of them are growing.

I hadn’t seen the pieces from the “Rescue” series before. The dogs on their plush chairs in their ornate grottos nearly did me in. I have been in those spaces, I will grow old and be in those spaces. They scratch at a place in my brain that is so funny and dead sincere.


Josh and I went for our 20 week ultrasound to see how the baby is doing. The technician called it a little stinker because it would not let her get a good look at their face.  Much like its parents.

Ultrasounds live and in person of babies are wild. I have seen so many pictures from ultrasounds I naively thought that it would be a cut and dry affair. The image kept morphing and body parts would appear and then recede into darkness, the spine would rise up at the top of the uterus and slide away. Sometimes the image was so cute and sometimes it was terrifying. Are you suppose to say terrifying? The baby would hide its face against the placenta or its hand would swish from its face to its feet. Its heart was the thing I could see the best.

Only armed with a butterfly catching net and an empty bottle.

1. work on the words, you will feel better

2. say sorry about 60% less. more would be good, but let’s see if you can achieve this goal.

3. be more social

4. focus on the ghostmaker

5. get to 15 “real” push-ups, girl you can totally do this and more but let’s say 15.

(I am telling you this to hold myself accountable. hold me accountable.)


01.02.2014 ghost making

01.03.2014 this figure is almost done

12.26.2013 vermont

12.27.2013 G making lentils

12.27.2013 C is a hard worker