05.06.2014 pond scum

05.07.2014 GDC

05.11.2014 super soakers




05.10.2014 playing with viscosity monotype

Last Saturday I got to help out with the wonderful Joyce Silverstone’s workshop Accidents Will Happen/Viscosity Monotype. The prints above are my experiments with thinning and thickening the water based inks. 


Last Friday morning Josh called me out side to see a sad and confusing scene. There was a squirrel in the front yard trying to drag a dead squirrel up the tree by the neck. They were high up in the tree when I decided to go back in the house. When I left to go to work a half hour later the squirrel was back on the ground with the dead squirrel trying to get a large piece of bark off of it. When it got the bark off it grabbed the body and made another attempt up into the tree.  I don’t want to assume it was a mother squirrel and her kid, but it seemed to be so. The squirrel would get so high up in the tree, higher than the house with the other squirrel in its mouth and then it would lose it. I came home after work to find the lifeless body prostrate on one of the above ground roots of the tree. I buried it.