I am really good at misplacing objects and words.

06.02.2015 working on Ghostmaker’s Habitat (awaiting)


06.03.2015 moving part of Ghostmaker’s Habitat (awaiting)

06.16.2015 for the babe

06.25.2015 exercising

06.25.2015 not so sticky/fresh washed floor with dirty piggies.

06.26.2015 berries from the bushes where we live/it is a start



06.26.2015 maybe some things will grow this year in the garden

05.15.2015 for sweet TMHB, enjoy your tummy time and Moomin comics.

The past few weeks…….. or chchchchchanges

08.10.2014 super moon



08.14.2014 small etched plate

08.19.2014 it is a wonder or ouch

08.21.2014 lettuce, eggplant, kale, carrot, cucumber, and marigolds

08.22.2014 before we accidentally smashed the decoration

09.02.2014 Ursula the cranes are still with us, always

09.03.2014 new home

09.10.2014 new home







My delightful rutabaga.



05.25.2014 work it out


05.29.2014 at work






06/09/2014 goodbye feet







The weekend of May 31/June 1 I got to help out with Joyce Silverstone’s Carve and Roll workshop at Zea Mays Printmaking. The workshop combines relief printing and monotype. Along with assisting I got to participate. It is a really fun and easy way to start relief printing. The blocks are made of a plastic that is harder than linoleum but softer than wood. It carves like a dream and you can use needle tools to make marks. Then add to this Joyce’s sense of color and way of working with a combination of the carved blocks, mono print plates, and stencils and you can really compose some beautiful intricate pieces. Above are my prints, a little uptight but if I go for it again I can imagine getting looser and more dynamic.


We could get mythic: Jodorosky’s Dune


I am in the process of moving out of my studio at 1 Cottage Street. It has been a great run (5 years) and an incredible privilege. My last day in the space is June 30th. I am excited at the prospect of working at home and seeing what new perimeters this will cause in my work.

A shaking up of the old brain and body.

Do you need some materials? I might have some for you.


All Thumbs

There are 5 days left to donate to Lisa Clair’s “yeh’ I’ve Been Searchin’….” (A Play) Kickstater.  I am doing costumes for two characters in the play.  The image above is one of them in progress.  Please support her (and me!).  Thank you!

Inspired by Bas Jan Ader’s, “In Search of the Miraculous”; including, monsters, being lost at sea, kings, falling, narcolepsy and song.

“Yeh’, I’ve Been Searchin’…”

is a new play by Lisa Rafaela Clair  who is this summer’s Artist in Residence at The University Settlement House.The play will premiere at the Performance Project , at The University Settlement House, July 25-27th, http://www.universitysettlement.org/us/programs/arts/AIR/This new play is inspired by the final work of Dutch Artist, Bas Jan Ader, who in 1975 went “In Search of the Miraculous”. He built a 13 ft. sail boat and attempted to sail across the ocean. He was lost at sea, never to be found. This play is a meditation on those who have disappeared and the people who continue to believe they may one day re-appear. It calls into question the search for the miraculous with in us all and attempts to re-write history just a bit in order to ask “What if a miracle was found?”. As part of her residency Lisa will incorporate a community chorus of senoir citizens singing original Sea Shantys. She will ask Settlement community members at various stages of life to creatively reflect on miracles, the ones they may have experienced and the ones they may be waiting for. The collected reflections, stories and imagery will be used in Clair’s production.The play will also employ a group of professional actors, singers, designers and composers to work along side the Settlement House community members.


06.29.2013 Josh’s feelings about me.

07.10.2013 framing photos for AS


07.10.2013 double fisting






I Don’t Feel Your Pain

A Failure of empathy perpetuates racial disparities.






05.08.2013 in progress for Gladtree

05.09.2013 AZ/DC (we had a good time this week)

05.10.2013 working it

05.12.2012 Luxury Comedy (ooo yeah)



05.13.2013 Here we grow.

05.06.2013 Some loose costume designs for a play my friend Lisa has written.

05.09.2013 My landlady is pretty great.


Thank you Mr. Harryhausen.