Winter Suits

These are some folks from the costume workshop I facilitated on February 7th. Real pros.
If you would like to see more images from the workshop they can be found here on the ECA+’s photo stream.
02.07.2015 JP, just put it on and go go go

02.07.2015 MN and AR

02.07.2015 MD and MNL

02.07.2015 TZB

02.07.2015 There really is nothing that CB can’t do!

We can walk it out.



This Saturday was a snow day! This workshop has been moved to February 7, 2015.  Then I am leading a costume making workshop. The focus will be on reusable and found materials, “fire and ice”, and second skins. Old bed sheets and chip bags are some of my current favorite materials. “Listen to the crinkle coming from that pile.”

What: Wearable Arts Costume Workshop
Where: Eastworks, 116 Pleasant St., Easthampton, MA
WithAngela Zammarelli
When: February 7, 1-4 PM
Fee: The workshop is free and open to the public but space is limited therefore registration is required. Register here.

To read more about the workshop please go here.

Only armed with a butterfly catching net and an empty bottle.

1. work on the words, you will feel better

2. say sorry about 60% less. more would be good, but let’s see if you can achieve this goal.

3. be more social

4. focus on the ghostmaker

5. get to 15 “real” push-ups, girl you can totally do this and more but let’s say 15.

(I am telling you this to hold myself accountable. hold me accountable.)


01.02.2014 ghost making

01.03.2014 this figure is almost done

12.26.2013 vermont

12.27.2013 G making lentils

12.27.2013 C is a hard worker