Sugar Snow, Snowman or AZ/DC




Please come this Saturday to the opening of Sugar Snow, Snowman.  It is the culmination of a year of Thursday meetings between David and me.

Sugar Snow, Snowman

A year of collaboration between David Coderre and Angela Zammarelli.

Opening Reception November 9th, 2013 as part of Easthampton Art Walk

Gallery 1, 1 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA


Easthampton, MA – The Grape Ape, several snowman, and Santa Claus will all be present atSugar Snow, Snowman the conclusion to a year-long art exchange between David Coderre and Angela Zammarelli.  The two will be presenting collages, puppets, and paper dolls that they have created together during their Thursday morning studio time.

Riverside Arts Exchange provides an opportunity for collaborative works by people with and without developmental disabilities. These exchanges illustrate the powerful creative dialogue that emerges when individuals from diverse backgrounds come together as artists.

For more information on Riverside Arts Exchange please contact Denise Herzog at 413.527.2711 x146 or [email protected] or Halley Philips at [email protected]. Or visit us on the web

irons in the fire

10.27.2013 building for open studios

10.28.2013 collating

10.28.2013 prrty food: the royal flush

My friend Joe Gillette and Eric Schuster have made a set of Party Food playing cards. Each card is based on different characters from the Party Food world by 40 different artists. I got to design the 5 of spades based off of Walter’s fort.

Do you like to play cribbage? Come over and we can use these guys.


Live Art Magazine this friday.

Last ride in a white Limousine.



08.02.2013 Cloud over my town viewed from city on the other side of the MT. Tom.

08.01.2013 AZ/DC working on a book

08.02.2013 Caroline

08.02.2013 quicksand pond


It is August and people are moving on.


I went to the RISD art museum for the first time this weekend.  I found their collection compelling.  They have many of the “usual” artists in their collection but the pieces they have and how the galleries are laid out made for a really exciting visit.


Little Compton