They stuff my tummy with cotton ribbon everyday.

Or wet to dry dressing.

10.05.2014 new bedroom

10.01.2014 consider the cord cut


09.12.2014 rise and fall



Watching while feeding……..sometimes

Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea

The Order of the Good Death

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

The Worst Witch



My delightful rutabaga.



05.25.2014 work it out


05.29.2014 at work






06/09/2014 goodbye feet







The weekend of May 31/June 1 I got to help out with Joyce Silverstone’s Carve and Roll workshop at Zea Mays Printmaking. The workshop combines relief printing and monotype. Along with assisting I got to participate. It is a really fun and easy way to start relief printing. The blocks are made of a plastic that is harder than linoleum but softer than wood. It carves like a dream and you can use needle tools to make marks. Then add to this Joyce’s sense of color and way of working with a combination of the carved blocks, mono print plates, and stencils and you can really compose some beautiful intricate pieces. Above are my prints, a little uptight but if I go for it again I can imagine getting looser and more dynamic.


We could get mythic: Jodorosky’s Dune


I am in the process of moving out of my studio at 1 Cottage Street. It has been a great run (5 years) and an incredible privilege. My last day in the space is June 30th. I am excited at the prospect of working at home and seeing what new perimeters this will cause in my work.

A shaking up of the old brain and body.

Do you need some materials? I might have some for you.


05.18.2014 So good. and So good.

05.19.2014 collage

05.20.2014 taking a break at work

05.22.2014 ideal

05.23.2014 scrunch


05.23.2014 Hard Ground



05.17.2014 pronto

Last weekend I got to help out with Nancy Diessner’s Pronto Plate Printmaking workshop at Zea Mays Printmaking. It was a two day workshop filled with great information and lots of action. There was a wide range of approaches taken by the participants in regards to their image making, so it was interesting to see different ways the plate could be handled.

Pronto plates are a quicker and easier version of lithography. You can’t pull as many prints, but it is a good tool for exploring this aesthetic and for making prints at home. I had taken first level lithography when I was at Umass using aluminum plates. When I could get the plate to do what I wanted I loved how the prints would come out. I am wondering if with a little more exploring and comprehension of the pronto plate process I could get similar results.

I know I am continually gushing about the artists who lead the workshops at Zea Mays Printmaking but really they are amazing and I am so happy and grateful to be there learning from them. Please go to Nancy’s web page.


04.07.2014 I scared this heron with my singing, but they still let me take their picture.


04.08.2014 At work making some cubes.



04.15.2014 Here is the second proof taken on a print where I am trying a sandpaper aquatint etched black then scraped and burnished to create the image (faux mezzotint).  


I have finally uploaded images of some work I have done in the past year here and in the portfolio sections of this website.  If you have time and are interested please check them out, thanks!

Patriot Save

03.11.2014 at work

 03.11.2014 at work 

03.13.2014 through curtain, plastic, glass, and screen




Two Thursdays ago I started my internship at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA. Zea Mays specializes in not-toxic printmaking processes. For the next six months I will be assisting in workshops, helping out around the shop, and working on a research project pertaining to aquatint techniques. It is a wonderful community of artists and I feel really lucky to be able to spend more time there!

The first workshop I assisted with was Big Monotype taught by Lynn Peterfreund. It was great! The students in the workshop ranged from pretty experienced to fairly new with monotype. It was interesting to see what they produced and how they felt during the process.

I have never done monotype before so Lynn was very encouraging for me to try my hand at it. Her way of teaching enabled me to grasp the tools and techniques pretty quickly and I am curious to try it again.

This is my first attempt at a monotype. Focused on technique… not so much imagery. 

Last weekend I helped out in Japanese Method Watercolor Woodblock (Moku Hanga) taught by Annie Bissett. I had taken Annie’s class in May of 2011, it felt good to be in a class with her again and able to help out. The students worked their tushies off!

I love the materials used for this method. The wood and carving tools, rice paste and watercolor, and the brushes for printing are all really appealing to me.

Here are two layers of a 4 block print I am working on. (“succumb to me”)

Both Annie and Lynn have such strong work and are great teachers. During the workshops they both shared examples of their work with the class. It was a treat to see the pieces portfolio style and have them talk about their process and concepts in a small setting.



Hannah Waldron

Marcela Cardenas

Jettison Some Nervous Fluids



11.23.2013 dust


Open Studios at 1 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA
Friday Dec. 6 – Sunday Dec. 8 noon – 5pm
I am in studio 3-32, please come by if you are in the area.

ps. I will mention this again and again until it happens, sorry.

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