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Last Saturday the Historical Society of Easthampton, MA was open for visitors to tour the first floor of the museum, this is a rare treat. The woman who led the tour I was on has lived in Easthampton her whole life except for 18 months in the mid sixties when her husband was stationed in Texas. I can’t imagine how much the city has changed in her lifetime. I asked a little but didn’t want to be too pushy. I have lived here for 3 1/2 years. It is a mill town/city in western Massachusetts that is in the midst of re-inventing itself, it has changed so much since I first moved here.


Articulate is back and Alex and Emily have a kickstarter to raise funds to print the book.  Aritculate is an exhibition-in-print. This book’s theme explores the sloppy subject of love.  I am lucky to be in the book, so I please ask you to support their endeavor, thank you!

Busby Berkeley Dreams

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If you are in Western, MA please check this out! Chris Nelson has an incredible installation located in an empty floor of a former mill building utilizing light, a giant latex balloon, industrial plastic shrink wrap, a fog machine, and a bench. One is led up to the 3rd floor of the mill via a dark stairwell by flashlight. You are seated on a long wooden bench and from the other end of the room you begin to see a glow. The glow grows into a sphere located in the center of a shimmering room. The colors shift and the sphere seems to flatten and then it is round again and then maybe it is the sun  setting on a hazy humid august night, to me it is beautiful.  At the end of the light transforming one is invited to walk to the end of the room with the piece, and that is when a new sense of scale takes over as you walk into the sphere’s constructed room.

Please go.

For more info on the piece and in-depth directions go here. Also there are two bonuses: It is really amazing to be able to go into this former mill and be in spaces one never gets to be in and the first floor of the mill is full of tchotchkes, housewares, reclaimed wood, stuff and stuff that the person who owns the mill is willing to part with for a price but also just interesting to see.

An Installation by Chris Nelson
Open for three nights only!
October 2, 3  & 4
6:00 – 9:00 pm
American Thread Co
191 Appleton St
Holyoke, MA


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Scout Cuomo
Gregory Euclide
Samantha French
Michael Gaughan – Golden Gate Bridge Jumper
Saya Woolfalk – Plant Alchemy

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My friend Hillary took me to see the Blue Herons’ nests at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary last Saturday. A bald eagle tried to attack the colony (rookery). Half of the birds flew out of the tree at the same time to chase off the eagle and the ones that were left in the nests stood straight up with their beaks pointing so pointedly at the sky. It was really powerful, they are large birds and I could feel them take off even though we were on the opposite bank of the marsh. Hillary’s favorite part was when the birds came back to land in the trees.


I recently got to experience a performance of Jeff Huckleberry during Reach Fest.  I was a little late so I did not get to see the very beginning. I felt a little terrified but extremely connected to the character before me rolling around embracing a pile of 2 x 4s with bottles of beer stuffed into all the pockets of his work pants and wind chimes strung around his genitals stuffed into his pants. Is he clownish?  He has a big red nose on. I am made a little nervous by clowns.  His rolling is so deliberate and this work is hard.

He has left the ground coffee to get ground some more by his power sander in a box (and the coffee has touched his head and shoulders first). He sits on a chair in a larger box, pulls out his wind chimes to dangle and pours a 30 rack of beer over his head slowly.

He only makes grunts and breathing sounds for the duration of the performance.

The following is from an interview with Jeff Huckleberry in response to when he started working with wood.

I started working with lumber when I was working on my thesis show in 2003. I was exploring some of the “characters” that were/are directly involved with my development as a person, namely my Dad, his father (a master carpenter), and my Scout Master. Sometimes when I see my shadow on the street I get startled and think that my Dad is standing next to me. That shadow is often represented by pieces of lumber, or by the activity of cutting boards, or by the smell of saw dust, or most directly, by the sweat dripping off my nose while bent over some impossible task. The lumber, if it represents anything other than itself, is the hard work of making work. The lumber is also very much a kind of minimalist art project that could be viewed as separate from its possible meanings and interpretations (impossible?). Lumber, in all shapes and sizes has the potential for any number of possible physical relationships. Wood is one of those materials that will accept me no matter how ineptly or masterfully I interact with it. So, I keep using it.