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100 Ways to Consider Time

01.17.2016 Day 64 – Marilyn Arsem at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


On the day I went to see Marilyn Arsem at the MFA she was building a wooden self perpetuating clock.  While she worked at the desk she would ask for a volunteer to sit in the chair next to her. The volunteer would read from a book on John Harrison, his clocks, and the invention of his marine chronometer. The completed pendulum hung on the wall behind her.

The setting for the piece was in a white cube gallery seated in the Contemporary Art Wing of the MFA. One knows they are in a museum. But it was a different experience when you entered the gallery that Arsem has been inhabiting for the last couple of months.The minimal set up of a desk, two chairs, and a floor lamp were pushed to the back corner of the space across from where one entered. Even though it was sparse I thought it felt cozy watching and listening to the two performers under the floor lamp working on their tasks. My brain may have forgotten where I was exactly for a little bit.

Arsem is doing a different performance every day of her 100 days at the MFA. When she is not able to be physically present a recording of her voice plays in the space. The clock construction is the only performance that has spilled over into multiple days due to the 140 steps it takes to build the clock. The book changes for each day the clock is worked on.

“I consider performance art as both a context and a process. It is a dialogue with time, materials, physical space,and other people. It is an opportunity to engage in embodied thinking and make use of all my senses. I use performance to challenge my assumptions, to ask questions, to examine ideas through different lenses, to test my limits, to explore new realities, to experiment with processes whose outcomes I can’t always predict, and to take risks in a context that is framed and contained within real life.” – Marily Arsem (artist statement)


-I learnt that graphite (particularly HB or softer) is used as a lubricant in wooden clocks.

-I love being read out loud to and watching people build things.


wicked late kid, or super early


My friend Molly Scranton and I designed the 2015 Parlor Tapes+ and Frequency Series’ holiday compilation tape. The release date was December 10, 2015.

Listen to awesome contemporary classical music and cut up the J-card to create your own snow globe complete with a tiny tree and glitter that accompany the cassette. Yes it is now the beginning of 2016 and we are done with the holidays associated with this sort of thing, but we are not nearly done with the snow and the music is good for all winter feelings. Hey, you could be celebrating Carnaval de Quebec, this is perfect.

Performances by Third Coast Percussion, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Ensemble Dal Niente, Fonema Consort, Coppice, Chicago Composers Orchestra featuring Hecuba, and Ensemble Pamplemousse. Music by Morgan Krauss, Jeff Herriott, Sam Scranton, Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer, Andrés Carrizo, Marisol Jiménez, and many more.

Are you interested? You can order one here.

Winter Suits

These are some folks from the costume workshop I facilitated on February 7th. Real pros.
If you would like to see more images from the workshop they can be found here on the ECA+’s photo stream.
02.07.2015 JP, just put it on and go go go

02.07.2015 MN and AR

02.07.2015 MD and MNL

02.07.2015 TZB

02.07.2015 There really is nothing that CB can’t do!



11.28.2014 New Hampshire

11.28.2014 We start playing cribbage young.


This happened and it was pretty grand………..

Danny Cruz’s Scandalous Glampire

Danny Cruz’s Scandalous Glampire
Art, Fashion Show, and Live Performances!!!!

For years now, local artist Danny Cruz has been imagining custom outfits for his friends and making elaborate, extravagant, colorful drawings of his fashionable visions.

Finally, these outfits will come to life as each person for whom an outfit has been made will design and produce their own interpretation of their fashion drawings and then hit the runway.

House DJ/ MC Neil Young aka Bromp Treb
CE Schneider Topical
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth

Fashion Show and performances Dec 6th. 6 to 10pm
All ages welcome.
@ Fugitive Project Space
In Eastworks across from the RMV on the first floor
116 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA 01027


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