These are the two pieces I’m putting in this show yo!

the middle picture is called “I was going to wear this for you but it became too much” and it is a dress I made but sewed shut and into a ball.

the bottom and top two are pictures of a dress with no back or front and it is named after the show “Christmas is the New Black”

Ps. I’m Angela

Christmas is the New Black
Opening reception: Friday, July 28th, 8 – 11pm
Through Monday, July 31st

Jamie Mohr
Douglas Anson
Toto Feldman
Courtney Raiph
Mike Pride
Melissa Flatley
Devon Zink
Paper Rad
Kristen Lupoli
Joe Milutis
Dan Cashman
Dan Linton
Shaun Trujillo
Crystal Stokowski
Stephen St. Francis Decky
Alexis Arcaro
Beth Boggia
Jeff Rowland
Richard Stevens
Miles Zink
Seth Scriver
Chris Martin
Beverly Shana Palmer
Angela Zammarelli
Joe Segal

Twenty-five artists take the Christmas aesthetic out of context. This
will be our last show in the downtown Northampton space.


114 Main St., 2nd floor
Northampton, MA 01060
[email protected]