I co-invented something……..

During our internship at Zea Mays Printmaking in the spring/summer of 2014, Liz gave Mike Barrett and I the task of coming up with a new recipe for a non-toxic transparent base for etching inks. The base had to match or be better than the beloved Faust Transparent Base (t-base). The t-base had been discontinued much to the chagrin of many printers at the studio. Artists and print studios were hoarding cans of it.

In the end we came up with a base that is pretty close and I would say really nice to work with. It has a nice buttery feel like the Faust t-base but less body. From our research it seems it will also not oxidize as much with copper plates.

You can read about our research here.

Hanco Ink contacted Liz and asked to purchase the recipe. Hence the picture above of me holding a can of Hanco Transparent Base for etching inks.  Do you need a can of t-base? You can find it here.