11.28.2014 New Hampshire

11.28.2014 We start playing cribbage young.


This happened and it was pretty grand………..

Danny Cruz’s Scandalous Glampire

Danny Cruz’s Scandalous Glampire
Art, Fashion Show, and Live Performances!!!!

For years now, local artist Danny Cruz has been imagining custom outfits for his friends and making elaborate, extravagant, colorful drawings of his fashionable visions.

Finally, these outfits will come to life as each person for whom an outfit has been made will design and produce their own interpretation of their fashion drawings and then hit the runway.

House DJ/ MC Neil Young aka Bromp Treb
CE Schneider Topical
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth

Fashion Show and performances Dec 6th. 6 to 10pm
All ages welcome.
@ Fugitive Project Space
In Eastworks across from the RMV on the first floor
116 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA 01027


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