She can really push my buttons.


08.02.2014 like elsewhere but here

08.04.2014 I have read a book that took place in this house.

08.05.2014 For mine.


Last night I got to see TRASHCANLAND a short documentary by a pal Chris  about another pal Dan. It is a little about tumblr fame and a little about someone with a strong choice in visual language (total over simplification).

At one point Dan talks about how he is not interested in nostalgia but where a lot of people assume based on the images he works with that is where he is coming from. He talked about how he is just as interested in the visuals of now and how there are connections between what it is he is looking for in older designs and pop culture with what is happening today. He said it way better and I can’t completely remember so I will leave it there.

Also last night before the documentary Dan shared his new video for Home Body’s song Tits to the Sky. I would link to the video but I don’t think it is online yet, but it was goooooood.