Gifts Galore


04.28.2014 from BZ

04.29.2014 in my neighbor’s driveway

04.29.2014 at work with JV

04.29.2014 Big E’s

04.30.2014 flannel scrap butt wipes, all part of new nesting impulses

05.01.2014 plate prepping

05.03.2014 A World of Glass I could have stayed in there all day

05.04.2014 Window at Feeding Tube Records


I got to see the Nick Cave show at the ICA in Boston just before it closed, whew. The sound suits, as always, were amazing. I can’t believe how tall some of them are growing.

I hadn’t seen the pieces from the “Rescue” series before. The dogs on their plush chairs in their ornate grottos nearly did me in. I have been in those spaces, I will grow old and be in those spaces. They scratch at a place in my brain that is so funny and dead sincere.


Josh and I went for our 20 week ultrasound to see how the baby is doing. The technician called it a little stinker because it would not let her get a good look at their face.  Much like its parents.

Ultrasounds live and in person of babies are wild. I have seen so many pictures from ultrasounds I naively thought that it would be a cut and dry affair. The image kept morphing and body parts would appear and then recede into darkness, the spine would rise up at the top of the uterus and slide away. Sometimes the image was so cute and sometimes it was terrifying. Are you suppose to say terrifying? The baby would hide its face against the placenta or its hand would swish from its face to its feet. Its heart was the thing I could see the best.