You Know, We Could Die In Here. Just Saying.

09.28.2013 welcome to my nightmare

09.28.2013 faux fire


09.28.2013 moldy oldie (take it easy on him he has been sitting still for 20 plus years)


I went to my first Ren. Faire last weekend for my nephew’s birthday. I like the aesthetic and chaos. yes, yes, yes. I am intrigued by the man who can put fish hooks into his eyes and pull down. The faire is in the woods, it is a mix of dusty land and tall trees. The stages are hand painted (one stage’s name is “The Fish Monger” I like how it is built and painted).  There are rides that are only powered by humans and gravity. There is a moldy old torture museum. There are acrobats and jugglers who get to ply their trades for costumed visitors.

The saddest thing I saw was a young man in chain-mail with a giant backpack on who just looked so sad and upset. He had such a long face. Josh and I both felt a little heartbroken by it. This is his jam, what went wrong?