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There are 5 days left to donate to Lisa Clair’s “yeh’ I’ve Been Searchin’….” (A Play) Kickstater.  I am doing costumes for two characters in the play.  The image above is one of them in progress.  Please support her (and me!).  Thank you!

Inspired by Bas Jan Ader’s, “In Search of the Miraculous”; including, monsters, being lost at sea, kings, falling, narcolepsy and song.

“Yeh’, I’ve Been Searchin’…”

is a new play by Lisa Rafaela Clair  who is this summer’s Artist in Residence at The University Settlement House.The play will premiere at the Performance Project , at The University Settlement House, July 25-27th, new play is inspired by the final work of Dutch Artist, Bas Jan Ader, who in 1975 went “In Search of the Miraculous”. He built a 13 ft. sail boat and attempted to sail across the ocean. He was lost at sea, never to be found. This play is a meditation on those who have disappeared and the people who continue to believe they may one day re-appear. It calls into question the search for the miraculous with in us all and attempts to re-write history just a bit in order to ask “What if a miracle was found?”. As part of her residency Lisa will incorporate a community chorus of senoir citizens singing original Sea Shantys. She will ask Settlement community members at various stages of life to creatively reflect on miracles, the ones they may have experienced and the ones they may be waiting for. The collected reflections, stories and imagery will be used in Clair’s production.The play will also employ a group of professional actors, singers, designers and composers to work along side the Settlement House community members.


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I Don’t Feel Your Pain

A Failure of empathy perpetuates racial disparities.